Recipe Remedies

Cake Remedies

Has your cake has sunk in the centre?

The cake is undercooked. Check the oven is preheated to the right temperature and only check whether the cake is cooked during the last few minutes of cooking time. Close the oven door gently. Measure the liquid used carefully.

Is your cake heavy?

The mixture may have been too dry or overmixed. Add the amount of liquid recommended in the recipe and fold the flour in gently. Underbaking will also cause a close texture.

Has your cake peaked and cracked?

The oven may have been too hot, or the cake placed too high in the oven. Using too small a tin will also cause the cake to crack.

Has the fruit sunk in your fruit cake?

The cake mixture may have been too thin to support the fruit, or the pieces of fruit may have been too big or wet and syrupy. Follow the recipe carefully and dry fruit well, having washed off the syrup. Ensure the oven Response.Write temperature is correct.

Why has my sponge/cake not risen?

This may be caused by:

  • Over-mixing

  • Excess liquid

  • Over-baked

  • How can I tell if my cake is cooked?

    A fine warmed skewer inserted into the centre should come out clean. A continued bubbling sound indicates cooking is required.

    Properly baked cakes should be evenly brown, with slight shrinkage from the side of the tin and firm to touch.